Muligan Monday

April 5, 2010

Does any body else feel like you need a diet do-over? Mondays lend themselves to rebooting and restarting your fitness and diet and if it’s the first Monday of the month all the better and if it’s a Monday after a major candy holiday and if you got your period last week the fitness planets are all the more aligned to get back you on track.  And if you had a big Easter dinner all the better. Don’t think I’m not in the same bloat boat. We had an Easter beach picnic and all four families (meaning the moms) were to bring a picnic for their own clan and a side dish to  share and we ended up with each family (mom) bringing enough picnic for four families which meant we had food for 16 families. Don’t believe me? We had Honey-Baked Ham, leg of (some poor) lamb,salmon, chicken rice casserole, tofurkey,baked beans,bean salad,limabeans, asparagus quiche greensalad potatosalad deviledeggs coleslawtriscuitscheeseplatterchipsalamihummussalsabakednaan celery and carrotstickshotcrossbuns strawberry pie peachpieTwelvekindsofcookiespluschocolatecoveredpeanut butter brownies chocolatechip brownies black berries andm&ms And wine.

So. We wipe the slate clean. Starting today.

Start by forgiving your diet flub ups and gym absences Yesterday is done. It’s all about right now which leads to tomorrow and becoming the best future you.

Martha Beck in her book “The Four Day Win” explains the value of stringing together four days of good eating and fitness discipline to get yourself back on track. She says it several different ways, like “I was fine after the first 4 days” or “The first 4 days were tough; after that not so bad.” Or “I was only hungry the first 4 days” or “I didn’t feel deprived after 4 days or so.”. Can you commit to four good days?

You don’t handle an overeating and under exercising relapse by giving up. Nor can you be a willpower-based weight loser because food is everywhere. Instead think of a relapse as an opportunity to work towards establishing a peaceful coexisistence between your mind and your body.

Now take your Mulligan.

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