NewHip Tips

A new hip joint? Don't slow down – speed yourself up!

You have plenty of active living left in you, even after hip replacement (especially after hip replacement!).You're now part of the new generation I call Baby Zoomers. New devices, better technology and a wealth of experience lets surgeons fix your hips and free you, not limit you.

Don't believe me? I've had hip replacement – and I'm more active than ever.

So get back to living. Move as young as you feel – because you still have plenty of life in you yet.

Why am I a fitness pro?

Mostly because I proclaimed myself one.

But, let’s just say I started out 25 years ago as an over zealous aerobics instructor and suddenly, two and a half decades have passed.

I’m here to try to inspire you with my story, despite my bunion and hammertoe, despite my tight hamstrings, my torn ACL and the fact that I can’t remember my next door neighbor’s first name occasionally.

And my lack of remaining knee cartilage as well as my two artificial hips.

Maybe I should not even mention my decreased production of collagen and the resulting wrinkles (only when I smile, unfortunately-why can’t they show when I frown?), also the morning stiffness and night time insomnia.

And my denial about needing reading glasses.

“Waiter, Just bring me the Chicken Ceasar Salad.”

How’s that for credentials?

So I have created New Hip Tips to remind you that you are not alone and that the battle is (or will be) worth all of the effort and to never, never, never give up.

NewHip Tips

Build it up, store it up, use it up – repeat. That's the energy cycle.

But when you have joint issues, pain or suffering, finding the energy to do anything seems almost impossible. You can easily cycle into a downward spiral that drains your energy.

Reverse it. Get moving. You need ACTION, a catalyst to jump-start your energy cycle into a more productive direction.

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NewHip Tips

Chronic stress creates tense muscles and a tense mind. Yoga helps ease stress and pain. Really.

Relax. Stretch. Meditate. BREATHE in and out slowly over six counts. Repeat six times. Slow breathing drops your systolic and diastolic blood pressure by up to 20 points. You'll feel better. Promise.

So put yourself in a good space. Find your bliss. Get your groove on.

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NewHip Tips

Facing the decision of having hip replacement may feel like the most difficult decision of your life. No one can resolve your health issue but you – and you need to choose.

Hip replacement means making some choices and living with the consequences. So what feels right and true for YOU? That's what I ask people when they seek my advice.

It's not easy find the answers. I can help.

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